Trade BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC confidently on a US-based and licensed platform

To make it easier for individual investors to access the cryptocurrency markets we have eliminated execution fees and account minimums for our spot trading platform through May 2020.

We recognize and support the spirit of independence in the crypto community by offering to individual investors the same market structure and technology we provide to institutional investors, enabling everyone to navigate these unprecedented markets with confidence.

ErisX was created by experienced market professionals to offer simple, secure access to Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). We are a U.S. based exchange licensed and regulated by state and federal agencies. Where substantive regulation does not exist, we follow the same Federal regulatory requirements as guidelines to protect our Members from fraud and manipulation and preserve market integrity — this is what sets us apart. Our market offers accessible contract sizes, receives positive feedback regarding customer service, and has been built using established capital markets practices to offer secure access to cryptocurrencies.

Our mission is to enhance the digital asset trading and investing experience for all levels of investors. Below we outline our fees and how to fund your account. We also cover our transparent market model, superior technology and regulatory requirements. If you are ready to get started, you can sign up on our website.

Fees and Funding

We have eliminated fees and account minimums to make it easier for individuals to access cryptocurrencies.

  • Eliminated all execution fees on spot trading through May 2020

Our intention in initially setting our fee schedule and account minimums was to ensure we could provide an exceptional experience before opening the platform to a wider audience. Almost a year into operating our spot market, our customer support has received positive feedback and we encourage individuals interested in cryptocurrencies to reach out, explore our blog or visit our investor page (to see the household names we are working with to make cryptocurrencies more approachable).

Trading & Account Management Tools

From our deep heritage of operating markets, we know that no two traders are alike. Traders come from a variety of backgrounds and asset classes, and appreciate different aesthetics and user experiences. Whether you are a long-term investor looking to buy and hodl with a simple, clean uncluttered interface, or a sophisticated active trader looking for more advanced data and tools, we have what you need:

  • Selection of available front-end trading screens

Members have choices to suit their preference.

Transparent Market Model

Why use ErisX to access the markets? ErisX believes in the crypto ethos of accessibility to all on equal terms. Our time-tested and proven central limit order book (CLOB) ensures that the best price on the market is accessible to everyone. Not only do CLOBs level the playing field but with our approach to surveillance we work to prevent malicious activity as well. CLOBs are used in traditional commodity markets by leveraging a matching engine that employs a price/time matching algorithm:

  • All orders submitted to the matching engine are treated equally, they are processed in the order in which they are received, no preferential treatment.

This is an explicit rule that the ErisX matching engine strictly follows to preserve equal access as well as prevent market manipulation. We further operate a conflict-free venue by not having our own trading desk that could take a position against a client.

Regulation and Licensing

The unified ErisX platform includes digital asset spot and futures markets to provide price discovery, liquidity, and collateral efficiencies within licensing and regulatory oversight:

  • Futures market regulated under the jurisdiction of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

We chose to apply the core principles to our spot market to ensure we have taken every step to protect our investors as well as the integrity of our markets. We are aware of no other market operator that has gone this far. Recently, the CFTC sent out a disclaimer urging anyone trading cryptocurrencies to make sure they are working with a regulated entity. You can read more about the requirements, core principles and our approach as a regulated entity to operating a digital asset marketplace on this blog.

Start Here

While our vision continues to include intermediaries as a means for investors to manage their crypto positions within a broader portfolio, we also acknowledge the independent spirit in the digital asset community. We believe investors at all levels need a safe, regulated and familiar structure, one that is appropriate for anyone that values broadly available, surveilled, fair and professionally run market centers. To access and confidently trade cryptocurrencies on ErisX’s platform please sign up on our website.

Improving the digital asset trading and investing experience.