Team Promotions Optimize ErisX Advantage

Dear Friends of ErisX,

We know that 2020 has been an atypical year for everyone. Throughout this year ErisX has worked diligently to bring our community an innovative, secure and transparent solution for investing in spot and U.S. based futures products on cryptocurrencies.

We are fortunate that the ErisX team is skilled, inventive and hard-working. I wish to share an organizational update that positions us to continue innovating in the trading and investing crypto community.

First, Tony Acuña-Rohter has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer. Tony joined ErisX in February 2018 as our Head of Technology. He led our engineering teams in developing our proprietary matching engine and clearing system from scratch to address the unique needs of the cryptocurrency market. This technology stack leverages the experience Tony brings from traditional commodity markets and exceeds the performance expectations of today’s crypto markets. His product-driven approach to technology has built a powerful platform that will help drive our growth.

In addition, I am thrilled to announce that John Denza has been promoted to Chief Commercial Officer. John joined ErisX in January 2019 as a Business Development Executive. He has played a significant role in helping us maintain relationships with institutional investors, intermediaries, market makers and proprietary trading groups to build our market. His introductions and ideas have led to a variety of educational initiatives including the launch of our weekly newsletter.

Finally, I am pleased to announce the promotion of Matt Trudeau to Chief Operating Officer. Matt joined ErisX in December 2018 as our Chief Strategy Officer and was Promoted to Chief Product and Strategy Officer in February 2020. He thrived as he managed teams that built out our product roadmap and brought our strategic initiatives to life. He brings immense knowledge in launching and operating new markets, delivering new products, and executing strategic initiatives. Going forward he will also be responsible for market operations, and marketing, including acquisition marketing and media such as our newly launched media gallery.

I am proud of the strength and depth of talent of the ErisX team and am glad to recognize their hard work through these promotions. We have plans full of new products, functionality and risk management tools that we look forward to introducing to you soon.


Thomas Chippas

ErisX, CEO

Improving the digital asset trading and investing experience.

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