ErisX’s Crypto Fees are 10x Less Than Fees On Other Exchanges

ErisX has one of the lowest execution fee schedules in the crypto industry. We’ve been surprised that the cost of trading crypto trading hasn’t come down, and that people continue to pay high fees.

Some of the most popular exchanges impose fees of 2.00% or more in all-in transaction costs (execution fee plus exchange added spread). That means explicit and implicit fees of about $1000 to buy one bitcoin where it’s priced now (~$50,000).

The maximum fee ErisX charges is 0.20%* for spot transactions, no exchange-added spread. The same on bitcoin transaction would cost an investor $100, 10 times less!. At ~$50,000 per bitcoin you could buy almost another 0.18BTC with that $900 savings, stacking about an additional 1.8 million sats on ErisX.

Do you consider yourself an active crypto trader? Even better. We also provide real time rebates for qualifying orders. Yes, we pay you to trade! Read below about our Paid to Rest program as well as our Paid to Trade incentives. Some firms pay lip service to “democratizing” the markets while selling their customers’ orders. ErisX gives everyone the opportunity to earn a rebate for providing liquidity, not just the professional trading firms. Working your orders on ErisX may help you decrease your trading costs. If you keep passive, competitive orders on the market, ErisX will reward you with real-time rebates for your contribution to price discovery.

Paid to Rest: Certain passive order flow can earn rebates rather than incur fees. Orders that enter the market and post, i.e. are not filled immediately, but later fill within a designated time frame, qualify for a rebate. For example, a Member may place a buy order at a price just below the best bid, so it enters the book unexecuted. The Member then decides to modify the order by increasing his/her limit price, joining the best bid. If the order is then filled within the Rebate Time period (defined as the execution time minus the time of the most recent order modification) the Member receives our Maker Rebate which is immediately credited to their balance.

If you are interested in comparing exchange fees, we invite you to try our fee calculator or visit us at for more information.

*Higher fees may apply for self-directed IRA accounts




Improving the digital asset trading and investing experience.

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ErisX Insights

ErisX Insights

Improving the digital asset trading and investing experience.

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