ErisX and Etale Partner to Enhance Trading Experience for Institutional Investors

CHICAGO, IL and NEW YORK, NY, Thursday, January 23, 2020 — ErisX today announced support from Etale’s institutional trading platform. Members of ErisX are able to view real-time market data, and manage account balances and order execution via a secure connection using either Etale’s front end or API.

Etale is a complete digital asset trading solution for institutions, delivered by experienced quantitative traders. The offering includes market data, exchange connectivity, order management and accounting capabilities. Etale’s execution algorithms incorporate machine learning-based quantitative models to enable clients to achieve best execution.

“We want to align the ErisX platform with best-in-class technology providers who will enhance the trading experience for our Members,” said Ian Grieves, Head of Product at ErisX. “We are impressed with the functionality of the Etale platform and pleased to work with them to offer our Members a high quality solution to trade digital assets.”

“We are thrilled to be working with ErisX and believe they are setting the bar for traders and investors in the digital asset space,” said Matthew Cushman, CEO of Etale. “Their familiar infrastructure for institutional investors, unified platform for spot and regulated futures as well as state and federal licenses to help protect market integrity make the ErisX offering an attractive marketplace.”

ErisX’s intermediary-friendly model has brought conventionality and security to the digital asset space. The building blocks from traditional futures markets to address cash transactions on a spot market as well as hedging and risk management tools on futures market make for familiar infrastructure. ErisX currently operates a live spot market for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin and a regulated futures market for physically delivered Bitcoin futures. ErisX plans to expand their futures offering during 2020.

ErisX invites individuals interested in our existing spot market offering or updates about our planned futures offering to sign up here, and institutions to contact

Improving the digital asset trading and investing experience.

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